2021 IHSA State Champions
  • Welcome to New Trier Boys Tennis home of 22 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS! From our Lexicon, "NEW TRIER TENNIS starts with TEAM, USTA tennis starts with you!" High school tennis should be the priority for you during our season 2/28 to end of May. Tryouts consist of playing singles "superbreakers" to 10 against other students, doubles competition & skills assessment, and attitude/effort/sportsmanship. We try and make our tryout process as metric as possible and tabulate all data. The players tryout results determine what team they merit a spot on. The best players regardless of age will be on the Varsity. Cuts will depend on number of boys trying out - we will keep as many players on teams as courts & number of coaches allow. Tryouts should be at least 3 times for each student unless their level doesn't necessitate any cuts. Tryouts are a clean slate for all players, regardless of performance/position the previous year.



      Full Name Email Dept Job Title
      Tad Eckert Boys Tennis Varsity Head Coach
      Kevin Andersen Boys Tennis Varsity Assistant Coach
      John Marquardt Boys Tennis Varsity Assistant Coach
      James McColl Boys Tennis Varsity Assistant Coach
      Jerry Morse-Karzen Boys Tennis Varsity Assistant Coach
      Jig Vora Boys Tennis Varsity Assistant Coach
      Kerry Hall Boys Tennis JV Head Coach
      David Hjelmgren Boys Tennis Freshmen Head Coach