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  • Debate Camp
  • Become a New Trier Speech and Debate student and

    • Become confident in expressing your point of view
    • Explore current events and politics
    • Travel to speech and debate tournaments around the state and country  
    • Be part of a team
    • Build vital skills for communicating with diverse groups of people
    • Expand your worldview by listening to different perspectives
    • Learn how to write and present compelling arguments
    • Get to know the work of philosophers like Locke, Kant, Nietzsche

    Speech and Debate allows students to develop curious minds that think critically and advocate effectively. Students develop camaraderie with peers through stimulating intellectual engagement and respectful argumentation. Through deliberation, reason, and building memorable friendships, speech and debate prepares students to overcome future challenges and helps students develop their own sense of self.  

    Advanced students mentor younger students and assist in coaching and judging. Many students also travel with the Speech and Debate Team to practice the skills and concepts taught in class.   

    Learn more about our classes HERE.

    Speech and Debate students will 

    • Enjoy in-class debates on a variety of topics
    • Apply argumentation theory and skills in a variety of settings
    • Provide feedback and peer critique
    • Analyze effective argumentation
    • Advocate for social change
    • Apply critical thinking skills to real-world issues
    • Work in a variety of collaborative group and leadership settings

    In our after school program, students will: 

    • Apply instructional concepts in interscholastic speech and debate competitions.
    • Interact with a diverse community of students, judges, and arguments in regional and national tournaments.
    • Work as a member of a team toward a collective work ethic.
    • Demonstrate good sportsmanship.
    • Demonstrate ethical decision-making and leadership.


      Speech and Debate