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In the spring of 2015, a group of parents from New Trier feeder schools in Kenilworth, Wilmette, and Winnetka joined together with Superintendent Linda Yonke, CFO/COO Cheryl Witham, the Winnetka and Northfield Campus Principals, Operations Directors, and Facilities Managers, and faculty to create a district-level District 203 Sustainability Committee with the aim of making New Trier more "green."

The New Trier Sustainability Committee has since supplied Green Guidelines to provide some specific suggestions for ways to be more "green," reduce waste and increase sustainability for New Trier events.

Please use these guidelines to inform your purchasing, set-up, and clean-up decisions. Please contact current CFO/COO Chris Johnson at if you have questions or suggestions.


Follow these simple suggestions to make our school, our community, and our planet a greener place to live!

  1. Purchase materials that can be consumed, reused, or recycled.
  2. Avoid #6 PLASTIC CUPS! #6 plastic cups are not recyclable. Please purchase #1 - #5 and #7 plastic, which is recyclable, or paper, which is compostable and biodegradable.
  3. Avoid STYROFOAM CUPS! They are not generally recyclable (but a special collection has been set up at the Winnetka Public Works).
  4. Try to limit or avoid single-use plastic items, such as table cloths, silverware, glasses and plates. Can you supply a pitcher/large bottle and cups instead of single-serve bottles?
  5. Pair every waste/landfill can with a recycling bin with clear signage indicating what goes where. Recycle all high-grade paper and cardboard, and empty plastic, aluminum, and glass bottles and containers. (All materials must be free of food residue).
  6. Make sure that all recyclable and landfill materials are picked up and disposed of appropriately after the event.
  7. Remind parents and students in advance communications to carpool to events, activities and games. Adopt a no-idling policy for cars and team buses.
  8. Communicate expectations to students, parents, teachers, coaches and staff.