Senior Project Description

    • Senior Project is an optional program that allows seniors to design and complete their own learning experience, similar to an internship.  Senior Project is completed outside of school during the last four weeks of the school year and replaces most of a student’s traditional classroom work. 
    • Senior Project runs for four weeks from Monday, April 17 through Friday, May 12.  The fifth week includes a final evaluation, the Senior Project Exhibition, and the last day of school for seniors.
    • Most Projects are career based, with students exploring various career options.  Other options include service Projects, artistic Projects, or exploration Projects.  Students are free to work with a partner if they share the same interest and the Project requires two people to complete.
    • Students must find a Community Sponsor with whom they work during their Project.  The Community Sponsor is an expert in the field of their Project.  In most cases, students work at the Community Sponsor’s place of business.  In some cases, the student will work independently, with help from the Community Sponsor as needed (minimum twice per week).
    • In most classes, your grades will be determined as of Friday, April 13 (the last school day before Senior Project starts)
    • If you have any of the following classes, you must come to school each day during Project for these classes only.  You do not attend any of your other classes.
      • All AP classes
      • All PLTW classes
      • Dance Lab I & II
      • Certain Performing Arts classes (to be determined)
    • You do not attend Advisery while on Senior Project, even if you are coming back for one of the classes above.
    • You do not have to work the same hours as the school day.  Some projects would require you to work afternoon, night or weekend hours – that’s okay.
    • You can create a Project with a partner, as long as there is a good reason that the Project would require two people.
    • You can plan a Project out of town, but all travel and lodging arrangements must be made by you.  You cannot do an out-of-town project if you have any classes in the four categories above.
    • See Ms. Duffy in Rm W353 or email at, Mr. Hibey at, or Mr. Van Den Berg at  for more information.

Senior Project Contact Information

  • Winnetka Campus
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