About Career Services

  • The goal of New Trier Career Services is to support students in exploring their interests and passions with an emphasis placed on real-world experiences and connections with community professionals. Career Services is also a resource site for job postings, summer program information, career-related field trips, job shadowing, and job fairs. The program is designed to complement the work of classroom teachers, Advisers, and Post-High School Counselors with sequential steps to guide students through self-analysis, career exploration, and educational goal setting from 9th through 12th grade.

    The Career Services Coordinator provides New Trier students with individual professional advising and career exploration.

    This is achieved through:

    • One-on-one sessions to explore a student's strengths, interests and abilities
    • Interpretation of career assessment results
    • Assistance with resume writing and interviewing skills
    • Job shadowing with professionals in the community
    • Career-related field trips
    • Employment opportunities and job fairs (fall and spring)
    • Summer programs exploring careers in engineering, business management, and health care
    • Guidance for internships and Senior Project

    Career Services is New Trier's comprehensive resource site for:

    • Academic, volunteer, or adventure-oriented summer program information
    • Career and Occupation Information
    • Information on school majors and connecting to possible occupations
    • U. S. Military opportunity information