Trevian Logo

  • Trevian Logo HelmetWe Trevians have come to take our school logo for granted. Here are a few interesting facts that you will be interested in. In 1981, when NT East and West combined, the new team name of Trevians was chosen. The Student Government ran a contest to design a new logo. The winner of the contest was an art student and graduating senior, Suzanne CoonSuzanne Coon

    Suzanne went away to school and her mother moved out of the district. Suzanne who now lives in south eastern Ohio, only recently realized how popular or big a part of New Trier culture her design has become. 

    Her mother was visiting the area last year and stopped by to tell her how amazed she was to see Suzanne's design on cars throughout the North Shore and Chicagoland. New Trier has sent Suzanne thanks and bumper stickers of her design as well as this year's patriotic version.

    Trevian Logo Helmet American FlagIn 2001, shortly following the events of September 11 th , the Sophomore Steering Committee brainstormed fundraising ideas. It was decided that a patriotic bumper sticker would be popular with students as well as adults and parents. Sophomore, Alex Cash designed a stars and stripes version of our well-known school logo. The design was put into production and the sophomore class raised thousands of dollars for the school wide New Trier Relief Fund. Congratulations to the sophomore class and to Alex. Trevians now show their school spirit as well as their patriotism with a display of both stickers.Alex Cash