Industry Credentials

  • Recently, there has been positive publicity around students in high-school having an option to receive industry-recognized credentials and/or badging. Industry approved credentials earned by students demonstrate to future employers and schools knowledge and understanding of a specific method, process, skill and/or thinking.

    At New Trier, we are in the process of implementing and growing our industry-recognized credentials program. We hope to increase opportunities for students.

    Currently we offer the possibility for the following credentials:

    • Introduction to Architecture: Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Adobe Photoshop
    • Interior Design: Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop
    • Architectural Studio: Autodesk Revit, Adobe In-Design, Adobe Photoshop
    • Introduction to Engineering Design: Fusion 360
    • Automotives: SnapOn Multimeter, SnapOn Torque
    • Skilled Trades and Emerging Careers: OSHA
    • Culinary Arts and Hospitality: Safety Sanitation, CPR, Lettuce Entertain you Badging

    Future Opportunities:

    • 2022-2023 Emerging Careers in Robotics and Manufacturing: Robotics and Manufacturing certification