• Conference History

    A brief history: The Great Lakes High School Fencing Conference was founded in 1981, with charter member schools New Trier (Winnetka, Il), Catholic Memorial (Waukesha, Wi), Culver Academies (Culver, In), Maine West High School (Des Plaines, Il), and Gordon Technical (Chicago, Il). The Great Lakes High School Fencing Championships (formerly Midwest High School Fencing Championships) are hosted by the Great Lakes Conference each year in early February on a rotating basis. Each high school may enter a team with up to four entrants per weapon. Individual and team trophies are awarded.

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    Girls' Champion Year Boys' Champion
    Maine West 1981 Gordon Tech
    Maine West 1982 Culver
    Maine West 1983 New Trier
    Maine West 1984 Gordon Tech
    Maine West 1985 Gordon Tech
    Maine West 1986 New Trier
    New Trier 1987 Culver
    Roeper 1988 Gordon Tech
    Culver 1989 Maine West
    Catholic Memorial 1990 Catholic Memorial
    Culver 1991 New Trier
    Catholic Memorial 1992 New Trier
    Catholic Memorial 1993 New Trier
    Catholic Memorial 1994 Culver
    Catholic Memorial 1995 New Trier
    Catholic Memorial 1996 Culver
    Catholic Memorial 1997 New Trier
    New Trier 1998 New Trier
    New Trier 1999 New Trier
    Catholic Memorial 2000 New Trier
    Catholic Memorial 2001 New Trier
    Catholic Memorial 2002 New Trier
    Catholic Memorial 2003 New Trier
    New Trier 2004 New Trier
    New Trier 2005 New Trier
    New Trier 2006 Stevenson
    Stevenson 2007 Stevenson
    Stevenson 2008 New Trier
    New Trier 2009 New Trier
    New Trier 2010 New Trier
    New Trier 2011 Culver
    Culver 2012 Culver
    New Trier 2013 Culver
    Culver/Stevenson 2014 Culver
    Culver 2015 New Trier
    Stevenson 2016 New Trier
    Stevenson 2017 Stevenson
    Stevenson 2018 Culver




    New Trier 2020 Culver
    N/A 2021 N/A
    Culver 2022 Stevenson