• Girls Track & Field Team Philosophy

    The New Trier Girls' Track & Field program is built around key concepts. These concepts include commitment, honesty, determination, vision, communication, motivation, enjoyment/love of the sport, and valuing quality relationships.

    At New Trier, we are committed to much more than your athletic success. Our coaches believe that your academic and personal growth is equally important in comparison to your athletic growth. Our main goal is to help each athlete become a leader, prepared to meet the challenges of life outside of New Trier and the athletic realm. This goal can be best achieved when each athlete builds a solid emotional, academic and personal foundation developed through her athletic experiences as an integral part of New Trier Girls' Track and Field. The coaching staff is committed to encouraging and providing positive experiences for athletic, academic, and personal growth.

    Coaches in the New Trier Girls' Track & Field program are committed to helping the athletes achieve all that they can in their athletic pursuits by providing excellent coaching in terms of training theory and technique, motivation generated by creating a vision of each athlete's potential and positively reinforcing that vision, and nurturing the enjoyment and love of the event(s) that the athlete is involved in. The individual and team performances will be strong if the relationships between athletes and coaches are well-developed and strong. This is best accomplished by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and by valuing people and relationships above performance and programs.

    The coaches in the New Trier Girls' Track & Field program believe this well rounded and balanced approach will lead to excellence on and off the track or in the field of competition as well as produce an end result that is rewarding and fulfilling for the student athletes in our program.