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Class of 2023

  • Dear Class of 2023 Parents,

    The 2021-2022 school year is in full swing and our students are getting the hang of the new block schedule.  We haven't seen this many people on campus in a long time, so plan accordingly if you are doing any drop offs or pick-ups!  With extracurriculars up and running, the kids are spending more time doing the activities they love together and it is time for the parent community to begin coming together as well.  Our NTPA Board Meetings are in person again, either outdoors or masked indoors, and we are hoping to have our 2023 class parent coffees in person soon.  We plan to host several coffees this year, whether or not we are able to meet in person.

    Junior year is a big year for our students, with the PSAT on October 16 and an introduction to their New Trier college counselors later this year.  The Post-High School Counseling website has helpful information if you are interested in looking ahead: https://www.newtrier.k12.il.us/phsc/ .  Otherwise, enjoy the beautiful days we have and share our gratitude that our community is together again!


    Meghan Mills and  Bridget Orsic
    New Trier Class of 2023 Co-Chairs



    Welcome to Parent University, a central location for all New Trier Parent Educational programming including seminars, round tables, coffees and informational meetings. Programming listed here is intended for the New Trier community, and is sponsored by New Trier High School, New Trier parent organizations and various community groups.

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Class of 2023 Officers

  • Michele Bacik - Vice Co-Chair
    Emily Baillos - Vice Co-Chair
    Cha McDaniel -Treasurer
    Nancy Hollis - Secretary
    Lara Krieger - Communications
    Jacquie Rayment - Adviser Room Liaison
    Kellie Finney - Exam Breakfast Chairs
    Sandy Muller - Exam Breakfast Chairs
    Dena Vasilatos - Parent Coffee Chairs
    Stacey Cohen - Parent Coffee Chairs
    Jami Brown - Parent Liaison Chairs
    Julie Foley  - Parent Liaison Chairs
    Janet Uzkan - Programs Chairs
    Lisa Hirschle - Programs Chairs
    Sally Christ - Transfer Chairs
    Susan Parker - Transfer Chairs
    Anissa Forman - Chaperones Chairs
    Beth Kauffman - Volunteer Chairs