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    The New Trier Athletic Training staff is here to provide professional and progressive rehabilitation through personalized care that emphasizes athlete education and prevention of future injury. We provide these services through skilled evaluations and recommended treatment options. We work in conjunction with the student's treating physicians to create programs that assist our athletes in returning to optimal performance levels on and off the athletic field. Our services are provided free of charge to our student-athletes.

    New Trier High School has three full-time Certified Athletic Trainers. Two are staffed on the Winnetka Campus, and one on the Northfield Campus. Each campus is fully equipped with all the modalities needed to treat and rehabilitate athletic injuries. We also have two team physicians who assist us during the school year: Dr. Richard Sherman, Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, and Dr. Hallie Labrador, and her Sports Medicine Fellows, NorthShore University Health System.


    Modalities and Treatments Available to Student Athletes




    Game Ready Bosu Balance Training Active Stretch Heat Pack Interferential Infrared
    Cold Pack Closed Kinetic Chain Hydrotherapy Light Therapy High Volt Blue Light
    Cold Whirlpool Core Development Manual Resistance Ultrasound Micro Current  
    Cryo-Cuff Foam Roll Program Massage Ultrasound Pulsed Russian  
    Ice Massage Gary Gray Functional Passive Stretch Heat Pack Premod  
      Power Plate ROM Exercise Warm Whirlpool    
      Elliptical Trainer PNF      
      Open Kinetic Chain        
      Plyometric Training        
      Swiss Ball Programs        
      Progressive Resistance