Homecoming Mixer Information

  • Freshman Mixer

    A major event for freshmen is the Freshman Mixer. It will be held in the South Courtyard at the Northfield Campus on Wednesday evening, October 6 th from 7:00-9:00 p.m. We will move to the gym if weather does not permit us to be in the courtyard. The following day is Freshman Go-to-School Night with a Late Arrival, so the school day does not begin until 11:00 a.m. Additional information about Freshman Go-to-School Night will be sent as the date approaches. The Senior Helpers are hosting this dance and are excited to celebrate a social event with the Class of 2025. We feel it is important that our freshmen have an informal dance experience, one in which they have the opportunity to socialize with old friends and make some new ones without any concern about dates and semi-formal attire. Only freshmen at New Trier are invited to the Freshman Mixer.


    Tickets will be sold online ONLY. Ticket sales are open September 29 at 9 a.m. - October 7, 12:00 p.m. Purchase Tickets HERE . Tickets cost $10 per person and all students must purchase their own ticket. The ticket price include a DJ, activities, and festive decorations. There will be no paper tickets; individual ticket purchases are linked to a student's unique ID. Current student ID cards are required for entry in order to scan into the dance.


    The Mixer is in the South Courtyard at the Northfield Campus. To avoid traffic issues, please enter off Frontage Road, proceed to the drop off location just outside the South Courtyard, and then continue toward Happ Road (see attached map). Parents can use any parking lot on campus to arrange to pick up their student when they leave the dance.

    Safety Precautions and Behavior

    At dances and other social events, New Trier's first priority is to provide a fun and safe environment for our students. We greet students as they arrive and work with the NTPA chaperones to make sure all students enjoy the dance in a healthy manner. New Trier supervisors will require random students to take a breathalyzer test; bags will also be searched.

    Shield Testing: As a reminder, the school is offering Shield COVID-19 testing each week. You can find out the times and locations on our Shield Testing web page . Students should stay home if they feel ill. They must wear a mask at all times while indoors. While the courtyard is outside, the restrooms and some activities will be inside, so all students need to bring a mask.

    Parent Support : As our students prepare for this event, it is important that parents are involved in any plans. Your guidance is essential to assure students do not engage in unsafe behavior. Parents should network with other parents regarding plans. Please talk with other parents about guidelines or questions you have about the evening, and do not be afraid to set limits.

    As with all other school events, use of alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, vaping products, and other prohibited substances (as defined in our Student Guidebook) is strictly prohibited. In addition, each student attending the Freshman Mixer is expected to adhere to all school policies and rules.

    We appreciate your support in helping our students set expectations and parameters for an enjoyable and safe Mixer.