Alumni in College

  • Emma Curry (Class of 2022) George Washington

    Grace Curry (Class of 2022) George Washington

    Lily Wallace (Class of 2022) Coastal Carolina

    Macy Zaban (Class of 2021) University of Florida

    Alyce Smith (Class of 2021) Army

    Isabel King (Class of 2021) California

    Claudia Shevitz (Class of 2020) University of Southern California

    Charley Meier (Class of 2020) Harvard

    Lucy Murray (Class of 2019) Dartmouth

    Olivia Zaban (Class of 2019) Bucknell

    Maggie Sampson (Class of 2019) St. Ambrose

    Sophia King (Class of 2018) William and Mary

    Courtney Kaskey (Class of 2018) Babson

    Sabrina Rice (Class of 2018) Denison

    Kyra LaMotte (Class of 2017) Furman/Marquette

    Katherine Gjertsen (Class of 2017) Stanford University

    Emma Tomlinson (Class of 2017) Tufts University

    Isabelle Sennett (Class of 2017) Amherst College

    Mary Kate Maloney (Class of 2016) Colorado College

    Tace Sutherland (Class of 2016) Bucknell

    Audrey Kingdom (Class of 2016) University of Colorado

    Grace Hemmer (Class of 2015) Michigan

    Jenny Thompson (Class of 2015) Coastal Carolina

    Danni LeServe (Class of 2015) Richmond

    Emily Carothers (Class of 2015) Trinity College

    Julie Ball (Class of 2014) Richmond

    Charlotte McGuire (Class of 2014) Marquette

    Kelsey Murray (Class of 2013) Stanford University

    Claire McCain (Class of 2013) University of Colorado

    Maryclaire Heldring (Class of 2012) DePauw University

    Spencer Moy (Class of 2012) University of Chicago

    Maile Leisher (Class of 2012) McGill University

    Laura Van Horn (Class of 2012) Denison University

    Frannie Franklin (Class of 2012) University of Chicago

    Emma Rossi (Class of 2012) University of New Hampshire

    Gini Pera (Class of 2012) Wheaton College

    Gretchen Remien (Class of 2011) Vermont University

    Janie Gion (Class of 2011) Brown University

    Taylor McGinnis (Class of 2011) Lafayette College

    Molly Quirke (Class of 2010) Duke University

    Jake Remien (Class of 2010) Vermont University

    Erin Roos (Class of 2010) Brown University

    Gwen Gummersall (Class of 2010) Lehigh University

    Casey Adler (Class of 2009) Colgate University

    Carly Tschantz (Class of 2008) Denison University

    Grace Maloney (Class of 2008) Colorado College

    Sarah Hidder (Class of 2008) University of Illinois

    Mallory Surpless (Class of 2008) Rollins College

    Ginny Gummersall (Class of 2008) Boston College University

    Charlotte Werner (Class of 2008) Denison University

    Lizzie Abramson (Class of 2008) Northwestern University

    Laura Van Schaack (Class of 2007) Bucknell University

    Sara Buxton (Class of 2006) University of Vermont

    Jillian Heinz (Class of 2006) Duke University

    Kaelin Sweeney (Class of 2006) Dayton University

    Meghan Lafferty (Class of 2006) Denison University

    McKensie Kahnweiler (Class of 2005) Denver University

    Blair Daverman (Class of 2004) Colorado College

    Kristen Forsberg (Class of 2003) Amherst College

    Lizzie Bramley (Class of 2002) Hope College

    Noreen Russo (Class of 2002) St. Michael's College

    Tara Hovey (Class of 2001) Boston College University

    Lizzie Franke (Class of 2001) Colorado College

    Carleigh Hubbard (Class of 2001) Wheaton College

    Katie Gotaas (Class of 2001) Wheaton College