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 May 23, 2022

About the Project

  • In June of 2020, New Trier High negotiated an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Village of Winnetka for Storm Water detention, which will install storm traps at Duke Childs Field as part of a larger system that includes the adjacent Winnetka Park District Golf Course, Crow Island School and Cook County Forest Preserve land.  The improvements will not only benefit the community, but will also greatly improve drainage at Duke Childs Field, and provide a once in a generation opportunity for the District to redesign and improve these facilities for our students.  The Village of Winnetka is scheduled to commence their work in June 2022 at the conclusion of the baseball/softball seasons.  

    As part of the IGA, Duke Childs Field will undergo significant improvements for both baseball and softball.  These improvements include brick knee-wall backstops & protective netting for the varsity fields, the addition of a junior varsity softball field, new batting cages, scoreboards, fencing, dugouts and backstop for the current lower level baseball field, additional parking, a new out-building facility with restrooms and locker rooms for both softball and baseball as well as a maintenance garage, and accessible pathways for visitors.  The projected cost of these improvements is approximately $5.3 million dollars and will be funded by the New Trier Board of Education as part of the District’s 15-Year Facility Plan. New Trier will begin their portion of improvements in June 2023. 

    In addition to the improvements listed above, the New Trier Athletic Department would like to add synthetic turf to the varsity baseball and softball infields. The additional funds necessary for the installation of synthetic turf are outside the scope of funds approved by the New Trier Board of Education.  As a result, we have set a goal to obtain the funds via fundraising efforts with our alumni, current families, and community members from both baseball and softball.  Our goal is to raise a total of $634,000.  The estimated cost is $396,000 for baseball, and $238,500 for softball.  The addition of synthetic turf is advantageous for many reasons; most notably, the Village of Winnetka’s project will account for the underground water detention needed to accommodate the addition of synthetic turf, providing a one-time opportunity to reduce the cost of installation.  It will not be possible to add these turf fields once the project’s other work is completed, and we are requesting your assistance now to provide this opportunity.  

    We are hopeful that you will assist us in meeting our fundraising goal by making a tax-deductible donation to the New Trier Educational Foundation.  As a former baseball/softball player, family member, community member, and/or friend of the program, you know how important these improvements are for our students and the continued success of our programs. 

    At this time, we have a few financial pledges toward our fundraising goal and would love for you to join them with your pledge. Any amount is meaningful and appreciated as we work together to achieve our goal. 

    Please visit the New Trier Educational Foundation donation webpage to make your contribution. If you need additional information, please contact the New Trier Educational Foundation at: foundation@nths.net


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