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Energy conservation measures at the Northfield Campus

In 2013, New Trier worked with Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) to complete a Level 3 Energy Assessment & Feasibility Report. Staff used this as a blueprint to help formulate the Energy Conservation Reduction Measure plan.

SEDAC determined there were 13 different Energy Conservation Reduction Measures (ECRM) that could save New Trier energy. Seven of the measures have since been implemented (as described below).


  • New Trier received $58,801.11 worth of items at no charge from the State's STEP-MEEA program. These items were installed at both campuses.
  • Installed Variable Frequency Drives in Building C.
  • Worked with SEDAC to complete a Retro Commissioning Plan.
  • Worked with Mark Vend to make 87% of New Trier's machines at both campuses energy efficient. Staff could not convert the 13% of machines that contain perishable goods.


  • Implemented the Retro Commissioning Plan
  • Entered into an Emergency Load Response Program that pays NT $7,152.68 to be prepared to reduce its energy usage if an emergency is declared


  • Installed 153 LED light fixtures in 6 gyms
  • Installed 48 LED light fixtures pool
  • Installed 8 light fixtures in garage
  • Total 209 LED light fixtures overall
  • Implemented PC energy management program to reduce unnecessary computer use


  • Installed 4 premium efficient motors in Building F
  • Installed 164 lighting occupancy/vacancy sensors in most rooms to turn off the lights when rooms are not occupied
  • Installed 200 daylight harvesting sensors and 440 LED bulbs in breezeways and areas near windows that adjust the lighting levels based on outside ligh
  • Installed 44 LED lights to replace all of the metal halide lights on existing light pole
  • Installed 62 LED lights to replace all of the metal halide lights on exterior overhangs