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Become NT Journalism, Media, and Pubs Student

Become a New Trier Journalism, Media, and Publications student and

  • Go on-air on WNTH Radio 88.1fm
  • Direct your own movies
  • Be part of a communications team
  • Design commercials for real and imagined products
  • Build vital skills for storytelling with video and sound
  • Produce videos for local and national film festival competitions
  • Use green screens to create virtual environments
  • Broadcast live from school athletic events
  • Conduct radio interviews for broadcast and podcast
  • Shape compelling narrative, experimental and documentary stories

Media students become effective storytellers, compassionate directors, competent artisans, and trusted reporters. Students walk into the classroom as individuals and walk out as confident members of a Crew. Besides learning how to produce a variety of media, students develop a great appreciation and understanding of the art of moving pictures and broadcast journalism. 

Making media together is a great opportunity to create lifelong friendships. One walks into the classroom an individual and walks out a confident member of a Crew. 

 Course Pathways

Media students will: 

  • Learn and practice screenwriting and story structure
  • Use a variety of professional grade audio/video equipment and software as tools for effective storytelling.
  • Translate astute and insightful observations of life into compelling stories and media messages.
  • Use professional practice standards in radio and television journalism projects. 
  • Analyze and critique media messages.
  • Work effectively in a variety of collaborative and leadership roles

In our after school program, students will: 

  • Apply class instruction to individual film and broadcasting projects
  • Produce short films, commercials and documentaries for the  Trevolution Media Production club
  • Host after school music and talk shows on WNTH 88.1 FM
  • Broadcast sports and other live events