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New Trier High School launches student-run One Stop Trev Shop

New Trier High School launched a new on-site store on April 28 that offers students hands-on, real-world employment opportunities while serving as a one-stop shop for Trevian gear.

The One Stop Trev Shop serves as an authentic center for extended learning, providing students with the chance to develop employability and entrepreneurial skills. Profits earned from the shop are reinvested into the store and fund the employment of student workers.

"I think it can grow your resume," said student Bobby Bruns, who works both in the retail space as a sales associate and behind the scenes as a production assistant. "I hope to learn how to make more mugs and T-shirts."

One Stop Trev Shop is located in room 463 at New Trier High School's Winnetka Campus and is currently only open to students and staff during adviser and lunch periods. The shop also has a website for online sales at

"We are thrilled to be able to provide this opportunity for New Trier students to have paid jobs and gain employability skills and job experience," Career Services Coordinator Melissa Duffy said. "This is just the beginning, and we look forward to formulating more partnerships as we work toward expanding and growing in the future."

Duffy says she plans to develop community partnerships and more collaborations with a variety of classes, activities, and New Trier students to expand the store's inventory into a very "student-driven and creative space."

For example, a current senior is planning to host a drive for repurposed New Trier clothing for his Senior Project; a long-standing program for New Trier seniors that involves designing and pursuing a project of interest during their final quarter at New Trier. The purpose of his collection will be to "establish a sustainable tradition of preventing textile waste that permits students to clear out excess New Trier gear while allowing others to purchase and reuse these items." Additionally, Intro to Business classes came up with the store name and logo concept, and Graphic Design classes are planning on creating logos for store merchandise.

In addition to retail space, One Stop Trev Shop also houses the 266 Designs production studio, where students produce the majority of items in-house. 266 Designs is a classroom business based out of the New Trier Transition Services program that creates custom apparel and drinkware.

Established in 2013 after receiving a grant from the New Trier Educational Foundation (NTEF) for a heat press, 266 Designs enables students ages 18-21 to practice a variety of life, social, and job skills by taking orders, making and folding items, creating invoices, making deliveries, and more. In 2020, the NTEF also funded a mug and water bottle printer. Since partnering with the One Stop Trev Shop, the students of 266 Designs have been able to establish new friendships and expand their successful business even further.

"The partnership of 266 Designs with the One Stop Trev Shop is an exciting opportunity for students in Transition Services to continue to grow our classroom business," said teacher Kari Nakayama, who works with students in the New Trier Transition program. "Students will continue to build their independence and grow their employability skills. They are so excited to interact with customers and display the items they have made in their production studio, and we look forward to a strong and long-term partnership."

The store is currently selling apparel made by 266 Designs, New Trier clubs and students along with drinkware, stickers and other novelty items.

"I like the cup and water bottle machine," student worker Kyle Snellback said. "I like making shirts on the press. I want to learn how to use everything and run the store."