• Philosophy

    The mission of the New Trier Art Department is to teach students art-making materials, tools and techniques, encourage divergent solutions to problems, foster visual literacy, and provide an understanding and appreciation of past and contemporary visual culture. As teachers and artists, the New Trier faculty is dedicated to the teaching of art as an integral component of a humanities education.

    The Art Department offers opportunities for students to:

    • Cultivate original thought
    • Develop analytical and creative problem-solving skills
    • Evaluate, critique, and articulate ideas
    • Identify their own experience as unique in an increasingly global society
    • Improve tolerance and appreciation of different theories, ideas, and diverse cultures

    Processes and techniques are taught with emphasis on personal expression and the development of technical skills. Art is essential to the student's total educational and personal development; New Trier advocates experiences in the arts for every student.

    Departmental Objectives

    • Students will foster an understanding of the vocabulary and history of visual culture
    • Students will explore art materials, techniques, and concepts to express their ideas visually
    • Students will be given a wide range of meaningful experiences in each course
    • Students will learn to reflect on art and to express themselves using visual ideas

    Students may apply for Advanced Placement Studio Art in winter of their junior year for this college level, double-period studio art experience in senior year. Juniors and seniors taking History of Art may elect to prepare for and take the Advanced Placement Art History examination in the spring.