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    New Trier High School has collected the names of teachers who have expressed an interest to tutor privately. New Trier District 203 disclaims responsibility for the nature and quality of services rendered on a privately arranged tutorial basis by tutors on the list. The tutoring rate must be negotiated with the tutor. Students may not receive private tutoring during school hours or on school property. For more details regarding the school's tutoring policy, please refer to the "Tutoring of Students - Guidelines for Parents and Guardians".

    Before hiring a private tutor, parents should confirm that the student has taken advantage of the following resources:

    1. The student's teacher: Often times, student difficulties can be overcome if the student  meets with the teacher for extra help. This should be the first option when a student needs  assistance.
    2. Resource Centers: The Academic Assistance Center (AAC) and Reading Center at Northfield provides students with assistance in most subject areas. Students at Winnetka can go to the Writing Center, Reading Center or the Math Resource Center for assistance.
    3. Student Tutors : Students can sign up for a student tutor at the NTHS website. Students  who are having difficulties can often benefit from working with a student who has been  successful in the same course.

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