Quest Food Web Store

  • New Trier High School is launching a new online service that will allow you to monitor your children's lunchtime purchases, track what your children have been eating for the past 30 days, make deposits directly into their meal accounts, and have an email reminder sent to you when an account balance gets low. Student debit account deposits can be made through ACH payments or by credit card. Parents can also setup Auto Replenish for their student's account. Each child's account will be updated throughout the day.

    In order to take advantage of this new service, you will need to create a parent account. This requires you to:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on "Food Service".
    3. Log in with your Revtrak Account or Click on "Create New Account" (Fill in the required information then click CREATE ACCOUNT).
    4. Click MAKE A PAYMENT, in the Food Service tile.
    5. Click Add Student then enter your student's id and verification code. The unique verification code was sent to all families via email.
    6. After the students are added you will be able to view the lunch account activity and make payments to the student lunch account.
    7. If you are using Preorder, there will be a link to get the parent to
    8. If you are using Preorder, there will be a link to get the parent to (Click on PreOrder link on Right hand side).
    9. Fill in the required information on the "Parent Account Sign-Up page."
    10. Choose New Trier High School from the "School District" drop down menu.
    11. Create a User ID and Password.
    12. Click the "Accept" box, and then click "Signup." An email will be sent to your email address that will contain a "verification code."

    After you receive the "verification code" you may begin to add your children's information. To do this, you will need to:

    1. Go to and login using your previously created user ID and password.
    2. Enter the "verification code" to verify your account and email address.
    3. Begin adding your children's information according to the guidelines provided. You will need each of your children's student ID to add each student.
    4. After the students are added, you will be able to click the Preorder button, select a date range and begin to place your orders.
    5. Pre-orders can be picked up at stations indicated at each campus.

    Any money that is not spent by the end of the school year will be available the following school year. If you have any questions about this or any other food service program, please contact Pia Fazio at 847-784-2288 or