Model United Nations

  • Club meetings:  Thursday at 3:30

    Model United Nations Club Member:

    Congratulations on your interest in joining one of the largest clubs here at New Trier High School. Model United Nations is dedicated to studying international conflict and global initiatives in order to solve world problems. Just like the real United Nations, you will soon learn how consensus-building is difficult to achieve given the myriad of world positions. In fact, you will be "playing" a particular country as you participate in one of our many Model UN conferences with hundreds of other high school students, many of whom attend from around the world. You will soon be debating the same problems the real United Nations face!

    New Trier Model United Nations will help you prepare for these conferences and provide you with the resources necessary to be successful. You will learn how to research about your assigned country, how to effectively persuade an audience through public speaking, and how to utilize parliamentary procedure to your advantage as you navigate among various interest groups in your assigned committee. These committees, just like the real United Nations, allow you to deepen your interest in humanitarian, scientific and economic issues relevant to the world. You may even be chosen to be a part of a "crisis" committee, working in the middle of the night at these conferences on an emergency relevant to your topic. Even though these are all simulations, the skills you will learn will help you prepare for a life-time of problem solving.

    Enclosed in this new member folder you will find all the forms necessary for acceptance into the club. There is a list for meeting dates; application for each conference; permission forms; guides for parliamentary procedure and for writing position papers; and our own charter should you have an interest in becoming an officer or want to learn more about the responsibilities of being a club member.

    Again, congratulations on your interest in being a member of this very exciting club.


    Brent Strom                                             Valerie Curtis