Peer Helping

  • Peer Helping is a nationally-recognized, student based service group that meets three times a week during 6 th period to promote school welfare through awareness activities and fundraisers. Students are divided into small groups that adapt to current needs of the school and its student body. These groups work throughout the year to address the issues identified. Past groups have included Blood Drive, School Tolerance Group, Clothesline Project, and Student Wellness. This club presents an opportunity to become involved in your school, to take on a leadership role, and to participate in school based service.

    Their projects this year included:

    1st semester 
    • Halloween blood drive
    • PPS Appreciation 
    • Community Resources Fair
    • Hand washing/stay healthy campaign
    • Clothesline (every even year)
    • Pledge to Accept 
    • Recruit new members for current school year- W campus only
    • DQ sales
    • No-Trash campaign

    2nd semester 
    • V-Day blood drive
    • Paper products drive
    • Security Appreciation
    • Wellness Week
    • Wellness Fair
    • Wellness Apps for students
    • Trash Clean Up 
    • KIND campaign
    • Ari Chester softball tournament 
    • Recruit new for next school year- W and NF campuses
    • DQ sales

    • Peer Helping Experience Scholarship
    • 3 senior scholarships: Kathy Ro Lavery, Ari Chester, Sarah Buchanan
    • Update website