• This course introduces students to two areas: computer coding and design technologies . This course blends the two courses together creating an experience where students live the integration of design and coding. All lessons are taught through experiencing different hands-on projects throughout the year.

    In the Computer Coding projects, students learn fundamental computer science concepts by creating programs to solve problems, interact with users, perform complicated calculations, and control robots and drones and Raspberry Pi products such as a photo booth.

    Students can learn to code in a variety of languages and environments, such as:

    • DroneBlocks
    • Python
    • Node-Red

    Students may also be exposed to:

    • GitHub
    • Anaconda
    • Jupyter Notebook
    • Raspberry Pi
    • UDP
    • Packet Sender

    In the Design Technology projects, students will be exposed to a variety of problem-solving design concepts in engineering, woodcraft, design software, and rapid prototyping machines to design, create and build projects that they get to keep and take home.

    Students can learn to use the following innovative design technologies:

    • Laser Cutters
    • 3D printers
    • Fusion 360 CAD software
    • Power Tools

    In the course, students are eligible to receive College Dual Credit . Info Link

Intro to Coding and Design Tech Video