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  • This introductory course is open to ALL students who want to learn how to DIY around the house or are looking to learn more about carpentry, electrical residential wiring and plumbing. Using a hands-on approach students will use tools every day and discover how to build a home from the framing to drywall to finishes (such as molding and flooring).  You will learn by doing and everything will translate to life!

    This course fulfills the graduation requirement for fine and/or practical arts and is eligible for 3 credit hours of college dual credit in Residential Wiring.

Past Engaging Real-World Projects:

  • Carpentry:

    • Kids Playhouse
    • Corn Hole Game
    • Knock Hockey Game
    • Octagonal Picnic Tables
    • Wishing Well for Garden

    Home Improvement:

    • Wall Framing
    • Drywall
    • Flooring/tile
    • Base and Crown Molding
    • Paint

    Residential Wiring:

    • Conduit bending and installation
    • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupts (Circuit Breaker)
    • Single-Pole & Three-Way Switched Light Circuits
    • 15 amp, 20 amp, GFCI Outlets
    • Electrical Conduit Planning and Routing Methods
    • Combination Circuits
    • Wiring Methods & Stripping, Splicing and Taping Techniques
    • Overhead light, Outside Light, Inside light
    • Security Systems, Smoke and Fire Alarms
    • Multimeter Familiarization

    Green Technology:

    • House Energy Auditing
    • Solar Pannel
    • Wind Turbine


    • Plastic and Copper Pipe Fittings
    • Toliet Install/Fix
    • Faucet Install/Fix
    • Shower Install/Fix

    In the course, students are eligible to receive College Dual Credit . Info Link

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  • Residential Carpentry
  • Residential Wiring
  • Green Technology
  • Residential Plumbing