Student-Athlete Leadership Training (SALT)

  • Coaches, teachers and administrators often ask athletes to be leaders, but the athletes are rarely told how to do this. Therefore, in 1996, a group of coaches decided to start a program for student-athletes entitled SALT (Student-Athlete Leadership Training). Our mission was to help develop the leadership skills needed by our young student-athletes.

    The program serves student-athletes who are juniors in high school. These athletes are recommended during their sophomore year by the coaching staff of the sport they participate in. To provide a broad representation of the school's athletes, two student-athletes are chosen from each sport. The class meets twice a week during 5 th period for the entire school year.  Students are required to attend one semester, usually coinciding with their sport's season.

    The SALT  curriculum fits well into a broader philosophy of curriculum. It is designed with the whole child in mind - emphasis is on the emotional, social and intellectual development of the student-athlete. The students are active in the learning process and participate in a broad variety of experiences and hands-on activities. The SALT curriculum challenges the students to take risks and work outside their comfort zone. We strive to create a nurturing and safe class atmosphere to allow this development to take place. The curriculum highlights the process of learning as well as the outcome; we strive to prepare students to be both life-long learners and leaders.