Religious and Cultural Holiday Information

  • One of our many goals as an educational institution is to be sensitive to and respectful of the diverse voices, experiences, ideas, and religions within our community.  These efforts are in alignment with our strategic plan, New Trier 2030, and our emphasis on helping our students, staff, and families feel like they belong in the New Trier community. Each year, we provide our staff with a list of some of the major religious and cultural holidays observed in our community during the school year. Then as breaks and holidays approach, we email staff a reminder with information about the holiday’s observance.

    For students who are honoring religious or cultural observances, including those that are not a day off in our school calendar, we work together as a school community to be sensitive, understanding, and flexible. Teachers will consider what assignments can be forgiven. If assignments must be completed, students must be able to make up assignments that are due during the holiday period or immediately after. Teachers must work with students to determine an appropriate time to make up assessments and any major assignments that are required and were missed due to their observances. 

    We ask teachers to discuss what will be covered and collaborate on a plan with students so they can make up assignments and assessments without penalty. Students observing these days also should be excused from athletic, performing arts, or club obligations. If a student has a question or concern, they should bring it up with their adviser, teacher, coach, or sponsor. All staff have been advised of the school’s commitment to allowing students to observe holidays with their families. 

    Here are the major holidays and descriptions we share with our staff. While the list is not exhaustive, it covers many of the observances our students and families have shared with us as significant. 

2022-23 School Year Religious and Cultural Holiday Dates and Information

  • Rosh Hashanah (Jewish) Evening of Sunday, September 25 and ends evening of Tuesday, September 27

  • Yom Kippur (Jewish) Evening of Tuesday, October 4 and ends Wednesday, October 5

  • Diwali (Hindu) Monday, October 24

  • Hanukkah (Jewish) Evening of Sunday, December 18 and ends evening of Monday, December 26

  • Christmas (Christian) Sunday, December 25

  • Kwanzaa (African American / Pan African) Evening of Monday, December 26 and ends Sunday, January 1

  • Lunar New Year (Chinese) Sunday, January 22 and ends Friday, January 27

  • Holi (Hindu) Evening of Tuesday, March 7 and ends evening Wednesday, March 8

  • Ramadan (Muslim) Evening of Wednesday, March 22 and ends evening of Friday, April 21

  • Passover (Jewish) Evening of Wednesday, April 5 and ends evening of Thursday, April 13

  • Good Friday (Christian) Friday, April 7

  • Easter (Christian) Sunday, April 9

  • Eastern Orthodox Pascha (Christian) Sunday, April 16

  • Juneteenth (African American, now observed as an official federal and state holiday) Monday, June 19

  • Eid al-Adha (Muslim) Evening of Saturday, June 28 and ends evening Sunday, June 29