Standardized Testing Information

  • Students with Section 504 Plans who wish to have accommodations on standardized tests ,such as the ACT or SAT, must apply for accommodations with the specific testing agency.

    A 504 Plan at school does not automatically guarantee that a student will receive accommodations on a standardized test. Each testing agency has their own application process and makes independent decisions in regards to accommodations. Standardized testing agencies are generally looking for the following information:

    Does the student have a diagnosed disability? - Testing agencies generally want that diagnosis to come from a professional in the field and would like an evaluation that is no more than 3 years old. If it is a medical condition which requires accommodations, testing agencies would like documentation that is current within the year. It is important to note that New Trier High School will not provide your student with an evaluation for standardized testing or college purposes.

    Is the student identified by their school as a student who requires formal accommodations? - Testing agencies want to know if the student currently has an IEP or 504 Plan at school.

    Does the student demonstrate a history of requiring services and/or accommodations? Many learning disabilities and other impairments are generally identified very early on in a child's life. Some students are not identified until they are older, but the testing agencies want to protect against students who are initially identified the year of the exam in the hopes of getting accommodations on that exam.

    The more documentation you have on your student, the easier it will be to receive accommodations on standardized tests. Any outside evaluations, medical documentation, or other relevant information should be copied and sent to the 504 Coordinator so that it is on file at the school. The school is responsible for a portion of the standardized testing application and must supply this information to complete the application.

    New Trier High School has a full time Testing Coordinator who is responsible for, among other things, helping families apply for accommodations on standardized tests. There are separate application processes and deadlines for students who wish to have accommodations so it is important that families first reach out to the Testing Coordinator. The Testing Coordinator is currently Erin Torrisi and her phone number is 784-2259.