EL Activities

    • World Teachers’ Day Thank You Lunch - Each year, the EL Program hosts a celebration of the staff and teachers, where each student serves them a taste of a favorite dish from their home country. This is our way of thanking the New Trier staff for all they do to support our EL students but also a way to celebrate the home cultures of our students. Students are responsible for organizing their food station and greeting all of the teachers. This activity provides a great social experience as well as wonderful practice in speaking and listening.
    •  EL Program Cookbook - Many of our English Learners and staff from around the globe contribute to our cookbook filled with recipes that remind us of traditions and family and home. Sale of this cookbook supports our EL Scholarship Fund.
    •  EL Field Trip - When possible, we schedule a group field trip to explore American culture and the cultures of our students. These trips may include things like a visit to a museum, lunch at a restaurant from one of our students' home countries, or a trip to see a play.
    •  EL Graduation Party - The end of the year, we celebrate our seniors and those students are moving to another country. This graduation party gives us a chance to share memories of the past year and express our support and appreciation of the students who have been a part of our community.