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    Preventing Harm to Self and Others

    There are important steps we all can take - students, staff, family, and friends - to identify safety threats and prevent those in our school community from harming themselves or others. We teach our students to “See Something, Say Something.” If social media posts, conversations, or other actions indicate someone may be planning to hurt themselves or others, students must reach out to a trusted adult to report what they know. 

    There are also steps families can take at home to help keep our school and community safe. Have conversations with students about the importance of speaking up if they are aware of safety threats. For families who own firearms, data show that keeping those firearms locked and separate from ammunition is a crucial step that can drastically reduce the opportunity for young people in particular to cause harm to self or others. 

    These resources are some of the many available for students, staff, and families to find out more information about reporting safety concerns, accessing mental health resources, safely storing firearms, and more: