Club History

  • The New Trier Booster Club has evolved over the years from its beginnings as an organization known as the Dad's Club, through its period as the New Trier Club and into what is now officially and legally the New Trier Booster Club.

    In 1993, the former Dad's Club/New Trier Club was formally organized into the New Trier Booster Club with the creation of by-laws, board policies and registration as a 501 c-3 organization. With incorporation as a tax-exempt organization, the Booster Club became effective at raising funds and was able to expand its support to a broader range of programs .

    Today, the New Trier Booster Club continues to be a parent run organization with a mission of fostering Spirit, Sport and Tradition at New Trier:

    • Spirit: The NT Booster Club promotes school spirit by providing new school t-shirts to all incoming freshmen, spirit wear sales at school events, concession stand sales at athletic events, and member only community events.
    • Sport: New Trier students benefit from numerous athletic team and intramural sports opportunities. The NT Booster Club runs intramural sports programs (Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Flag Football, Paddle Tennis) that over 1,200 students participate in each year. The NT Booster Club works very closely with the NT Athletics department to fund coaches’ requests and select facilities upgrades, benefiting the over 2,000 students who participate in sports teams at New Trier.
    • Tradition: As one of the oldest and most successful high schools in the state, New Trier is steeped in tradition. Over the decades, the NT Booster Club has made numerous investments to ensure that New Trier's proud tradition continues. Significant projects funded by the club have included contributions to the East Side Academic and Athletic renovation and Duke Child’s baseball and softball renovation, new turf for the Northfield athletic complex, equipment for weight rooms and training facilities, and many of the scoreboards at the athletic facilities.
Current Members