Psychological Services

  • School Psychologists provide consultation, assessment, counseling and liaison with community professionals to design appropriate educational interventions for students.

    As a Teacher Advisory Team (TAT) member, the School Psychologist aids in the assessment of the student's educational and/or behavioral adjustment. Services available to students include consultation with students, families and outside professionals; classroom observation; and interpretation of past psychological and comprehensive psychological evaluations.

    As coordinator of case study evaluations, the School Psychologist obtains parent permission, informs parents of procedures and interprets individual psychological instruments. By identifying the student's strengths and weaknesses, the psychologist delineates the student's learning style, thus enhancing the student's potential.

    The School Psychologist also reviews and reassesses students placed in special education programs and services. The School Psychologist is available to consult with teachers and other school personnel in relation to behavior management and learning problems