About Business Education

  • Philosophy

    The New Trier Business Education Department believes our mission lies within preparing our students not just for a job or career, but equipping them with the tools to succeed in a competitive global economy. Business is a multidisciplinary field that provides a variety of opportunities for individuals to flourish. A strong business education not only enhances college and career prospects, but also cultivates responsible, informed, productive citizens. Our goal is to help students identify, develop, and refine their problem-solving, communication, collaboration, leadership and other human skills.

    Our classes empower students with practical knowledge that can provide value, often immediately transcending the classroom. We have found that students from varied educational backgrounds often thrive in this inclusive and dynamic setting. We acknowledge that every student brings a unique set of strengths, talents and interests to our classroom. We foster a learning environment where engagement, individual effort, and grit are highly valued. Our program is designed to enable students to unlock and apply knowledge from their core academic subjects. We believe this is best achieved through hands-on learning, and projects derived from current, real-world issues.