About Business Education

  • Philosophy

    The Business Education Department believes that all students should participate in a rigorous program that helps them develop the skills and ideas necessary to be successful in their personal, academic and professional lives. In our classrooms, business educators introduce students to the basics of personal finance, economic principles of an international marketplace, and the processes by which businesses operate. In addition, we provide a solid educational foundation for students who want to successfully complete college programs in various business disciplines.

    Our courses are designed to prepare students to become knowledgeable and ethical decision makers as they fulfill their roles as consumers, workers and citizens; and are based on the conviction that business education competencies are essential for all students. Technology has accelerated the pace and the frequency of change not only in business but in life. Because all students will use technology as a tool for managing information, students must become lifelong learners of anything that impacts decision-making.

    Since all students will encounter a business environment that is characterized by diversity, both domestic and international, all students need to practice the interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills that will help them function successfully in that environment.