• Philosophy

    The social studies search for patterns which reflect the varieties of human experience. Laws, language, institutions, political experiments, economic theories, religious quests, military ambitions - all project the image of the human experience.

    The social studies offerings provide a glimpse of what has been, what is and what might be. Students gain a curiosity about and sensitivity to the environment in which they live.

    Social studies courses have been developed to raise questions and to challenge students to assess and interpret. These courses provide students with a framework for recognizing and accepting responsibility as citizens.


    Goals and Objectives

    The Social Studies Department contributes to the total New Trier experience by encouraging students to acquire:

    • the ability to grasp a question, the capacity to gather and analyze relevant data, to marshal pertinent arguments, and to reach sound conclusions;
    • a quality of open-mindedness that is reflected in respect for another point of view, in tolerance for ambiguity, in passion for truth and in respect for facts;
    • a sensitivity to the religious and ethical differences among the world's people;
    • an acceptance of the racial, ethnic and cultural mosaic that defines the human family;
    • the ability to make personal choices which are characterized by courage, dedication and integrity.


    Graduation Requirements

    Two years of Social Studies are required: one year of World History and one year of United States History. Students are encouraged to pursue additional elective study from other departmental offerings.

    Course Offerings

    • World History
    • Modern World History
    • World Geography
    • U.S. History
    • American Studies
    • AP U.S. History
    • Economics
    • Topics in International Relations
    • Integrated Studies: History and Science
    • Popular Culture
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Topics of Psychology and Sociology
    • Current Issues
    • Law and Justice
    • Modern America
    • AP Economics
    • AP European History
    • AP Political Science
    • AP Psychology
    • IGSS U.S. History
    • IGSS Global Concerns
    • History of Art

    Co-Curricular Opportunities

    • Open Notes, Journal of Student Writing
    • Model United Nations
    • Model Congress