TI-Nspire Calculator Help

    • If your calculator is not working properly or damaged, call the Texas Instrument Customer Service at 1-800-TI-CARES. For customer support regarding your calculator, you can contact Texas Instruments. This support includes repair, operation, and educational uses.
    • If you lost your calculator, stop in the Math Office (277) and fill out a Lost Calculator form. If the calculator is found, it will then be returned to you. Be sure to write your name in permanent ink on your calculator (not just the cover).
    • How to disable Press-to-Test mode:

    Connect your calculator to another calculator. Go to My Documents.
    If it's a black touchpad or CX - Press DOC and select 9 to exit Press-to-Test.
    If it's a gray clickpad - Press CTRL, then HOME. Select 9 to exit Press-to-Test.