• Philosophy 

    Mathematics is an intellectual discipline worthy of study for its artistic and logical form as well as for its ability to help describe and interpret the world around us. 

    To the extent of their abilities, all students should have the opportunity to learn to view mathematics as a way of thinking and to appreciate the cultural heritage of mathematics. In addition to grasping ideas and understanding their interrelations, it is important for students to communicate these ideas effectively to others. 


    The goals for students reflect those stated in the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. These goals are to:

    • value mathematics, 
    • become confident in one's ability to do mathematics, 
    • become a mathematical problem solver, 
    • communicate mathematically, 
    • reason mathematically, 
    • use technology appropriately.


    The New Trier Mathematics Department faculty: 

    • teach four to five classes during an eight-period day; 
    • extend their involvement with students by serving as advisers, coaches and activity sponsors; 
    • take advantage of the many opportunities for professional growth and self-evaluation; 
    • have the opportunity to teach a variety of courses at all stages of their careers; 
    • are respected for the uniqueness of their teaching styles and are encouraged to try new teaching techniques; 
    • have a wide variety of support systems available to them; and 
    • are given numerous opportunities for input at the departmental level.