TARP Mission

  • The primary purpose of the Trevian Association of Retired Personnel (TARP) is to provide a network among New Trier retirees promoting channels of communication about themselves and former colleagues and students. To that end, these are the imperatives its members are pledged to support:

    • to endorse, by word and deed, the philosophy of New Trier High School;
    • to serve as mentors and examples of the school's motto "…to commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion, and lives to the service of humanity;"
    • to publish a periodic newsletter about the activities and interests of New Trier retirees;
    • to make available information designed to ease the transition from a role of an active professional to retirement as the next productive stage of life;
    • to coordinate activities designed to be responsive to special interests within the membership (e.g., travel experiences, financial counseling, health education, social opportunities, etc.);
    • to present to the membership opportunities for service in such areas as: alumni relations; liaison with parents, students, and faculty; archival docents and researchers; and related areas of involvement;
    • to maintain a regularly updated and secured list of member names with their addresses, phone, fax and e-mail identifications;
    • to function as a support system (a "tarp") for members suffering "rainy days" from time to time.