Standing Rules

    1. A steering committee will be the officially recognized representative of the Trevian Association of Retired Personnel (TARP), and will conduct its business under the standing rules stated here.
    2. The core of the operation of the Association will be a steering committee comprised of around eleven New Trier High School retirees. Steering committee members will select a facilitator, secretary, and bursar to manage the administrative functions of the Association. Members and officers will remain in those positions as long as interest holds.
    3. To organize the first steering committee, six members will be elected for three years each, and six elected for two year terms each in order to assure a continuity of experience and service.
    4. Every effort will be made to guarantee that at least one retiree from each of the custodial/maintenance, support, and certified staffs will represented on the steering committee
    5. Members of the steering committee will appoint task forces and standing committees from the general membership. These groups will be charged to organize and implement activities appropriate to the mission of the Association.
    6. It will be the duty of the facilitator of the steering committee to appoint replacements to the steering committee for members unable to serve.
    7. The facilitator will convene steering committee meetings at least twice each year to conduct the business of the Association with agendas prepared and available in advance of the meetings.
    8. The steering committee will identify two fixed dates for its meetings each year. The meeting shall be one week before the TARP luncheon. the luncheons are held twice a year, the
      third tuesday in September and the third tuesday in april. Additional meetings are called to update the directory and send out mailiings..
    9. Members of the Association may submit proposals either in person or in writing to the steering committee for its review and action.
    10. A summary of each steering committee meeting will be published in the Association's newsletter.
    11. A majority vote will be required of the steering committee members present for all motions made by members of the steering committee.
    12. These standing rules may be amended by a majority vote of steering committee members present at any of its official meetings.
    13. A member nominated by the facilitator as secretary shall take notes of the steering committee meeting and read them at the next meeting. The facilitator shall keep a copy.

    Adopted by the Steering Committee, 8/28/00. Revised 8/11/2010.