About Kinetic Wellness

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to educate our students in the ways to promote and sustain a healthy, lifelong lifestyle of physical, mental, and social wellness.


    Kinetic Wellness is an integration of physical, mental/emotional and social wellness. The foundation of Kinetic Wellness courses is included in the following essential understandings:

    • The connection between mind and body is crucial to personal growth and development.
    • Participation in a wide variety of activities provides the opportunity for enjoyment, self-expression and social interaction.
    • Knowledge, competency and application of movement, fitness and wellness concepts encourage healthy lifestyle choices.
    • Self-assessment, self-reflection and a sense of responsibility toward others contribute to individual growth and to the positive climate of the class..


    Kinetic Wellness teachers will:

    • Provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences with updated and accurate wellness information
    • Provide a safe learning environment for all students that fosters respect, accountability, responsibility and leadership opportunities
    • Utilize a wide variety of teaching and assessment methods that address different learning styles and meet the needs of a diverse community
    • Provide a variety of individual, dual and group activities to encourage responsible decision-making, personal behavior, self-expression and a lifelong habit of movement.


    As a result of their Kinetic Wellness experiences, students will:

    • Gain knowledge and demonstrate competency of basic movement and fitness concepts during early high school
    • By late high school, apply basic principles of movement and fitness to develop knowledge and skill proficiency through self- selected activities and experiences
    • Apply knowledge of wellness benefits and team building strategies to activities
    • Participate in a variety of individual, dual and group activities to encourage a lifelong habit of movement and wellness
    • Realize that participation in movement activities and classroom experiences provides the opportunity for enjoyment, self-expression and social interaction.
    • Understand the relationship between and influence of culture, media and technology on wellness
    • Access and evaluate wellness-related resources for self and others
    • Use technology to self-assess levels of fitness
    • Implement and evaluate a personal fitness plan to maintain or increase their level of physical wellness
    • Develop decision-making skills to aid self and others
    • Display a sense of responsibility through personal choices that reflect concern for others
    • Reflect upon their strengths and areas for development
  • KW Faculty and Staff