Transitioning Students to Adulthood Planning Guide

  • Welcome to New Trier!

    We look forward to meeting you and your child. A new chapter in your child's life is beginning and we know it's exciting but also challenging and for some, a little scary! Navigating a new school, new teachers and new classmates is overwhelming for all of us. But please know we are here to help and support you in any way we can.

    As a first step, we've created this document to make the years ahead of your parenting hopefully easier, and to specifically help you understand and plan for your child's experience at New Trier and the years after that.

    This project is a team effort between New Trier ELS parents and teachers. We've compiled our best advice here. However, please understand this document is just a guide, and some topics may require parents to seek outside legal or financial advice. Parents are expected to take full accountability for the parent-driven activities.

    We've created an Annual Check List of activities to be completed each year and then a check list by Age/School Year. This Age/School Year Check List is divided between tasks that are school-driven and those that are parent-driven, but know that the goal is for parents and teachers to work together. This is a "living" document, and we encourage you to provide your personal feedback and any modifications/edits to the content of this work. We have made our best attempts at providing relevant, current and comprehensive information, and hope parents and staff can collaborate together to keep this guideline updated and relevant in the years ahead.

    Enjoy and Happy Reading!

    ELS Teachers and Administrators with collaboration from many ELS Parents.

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