Directing Projects

  • Freshmen Sophomore Play and Directing Project Monologue Selections 2023-24

    Please memorize and prepare any monologue from this document that you feel highlights your strengths as an actor. You may also use a monologue from another source. Please keep the length to under 90 seconds. More information about auditions will be posted on the Performing Arts website soon.


    Auditions are January 11 (freshmen and sophomores) and January 12 (juniors and seniors)


    The Way of All Fish by Elaine May

    I guess what I’m saying is I wanted to be famous. And I can be. Anyone can be. You know how? You can kill someone famous. Of course, it has to be someone really famous and people have to be convinced that you’re not part of a conspiracy. And meeting someone famous isn’t so easy. When I was younger that’s all thought about — who can I kill who’s famous and how can I meet him. I mean, if there was another way — but I can’t write a novel, I can’t become a movie star, I can’t invent a vaccine — because I have no talent. I didn’t want to resort to murder. But fame is fame. The important thing to me is not to… just pass through. To leave a mark. To change the world. My curse has always been that I’m a special person with no special ability. 


    Bubble World by Joseph Arnone

    You are so wrapped up in your little world, Jess. You’re in this bubble that you need to break out of and realize that there are things in life other than having your face constantly in your phone.

    Don’t you realize that we never hang out like we used to? It’s like the only time we can go anywhere or do anything is if it revolves around something just you want to do and most of that stuff doesn’t even interest me anymore. God forbid I suggest something YOU don’t like. We used to always do things together. I feel like we don’t click anymore. For once it would be nice for you to call me and ask what I’m up to, do something I like doing for a change. I want us to hang out more and I want us to have fun again. Don’t you?

    Everything Will Be Different
    by Mark Schultz

    So I'll just come out and say it. Okay! I think I love you. I really do. And it’s not like this happens every day. You know. For me. I don't just like fall in love with people. It's hard. And I've really fallen for you. And I know it's stupid and like. Stupid and everything. But. I wanna know if maybe we can go out and be like a couple or something, I don't know. 'Cause I'm really.

    I'm in love. With you. And it's hard. Keeping it inside. All the time. And I came here to say that. And ask you. You know. If we can maybe go out sometime. And maybe you'd let me kiss you. I mean if that's okay. Is that okay? 'Cause I really love you. I really wanna be with you. It's so important to me right now. I really. Just had to come and tell you. I couldn't wait. Um. Shoot, I gotta get back to practice. Okay. I love you. Please love me.

    The Ghosts of Detention
    by D. M . Larson (change the name to Harmon/Harm and pronouns as needed)

    I need detention. I really need detention. See, there's… Her name is Harmony...But she goes by Harm. Cute huh? I was just gonna ask to borrow a pencil. One of those ones she sharpens with her pocket knife and then throws in the ceiling all over school. She even got one in the gym ceiling. You know how high that is? Like 5000 feet. And I just stand under those pencils, hoping one will fall down and I can have one of them for my very own. Something to remember her by. Until I get detention. I gotta figure out some way to get detention because I wanna see her more...Be with her more... Cause I see that beauty under all that gloom. She just needs a reason to smile and I want to be that reason.


    Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven by Reina Hardy

    JUST PLEASE STOP TALKING. First of all, stop screwing up the curve of binding energy. Second of all, why do you think your crappy explanation of nucleosynthesis is going to impress me? Why do you think you can use science I already know as a pickup line? And even if that did impress me, which it doesn’t, and even if you were cute, which you’re not, you are not a good person. You are being really, really, really mean… To my father. Not to some rando, but to my dad. And it wasn’t even your idea. You’re weak. You’re a follower, and you’ve got no freakin’ empathy.


    The Shadow Box by Michael Cristofer

    After Claire died, Mama started to get sick. Mama just seemed to give up. The letters . .. uh . .. It was after one of the last operations. Mama came home from the hospital and she seemed very happy. She was much stronger than ever. She laughed and joked...and then she told me she had written a letter while she was in the hospital ... to Claire… and she forgave her for not writing and keeping in touch and she asked her to come home to visit. I didn't know what to do. I tried to tell her. I tried...but she wouldn't listen. And, of course, no letter came. And Mama asked every day for the mail. Every day I had to tell her no, there wasn't any. Every day. And when there wasn't any letter for a long time, she started to get worse. I didn't know what to do ... So… I write the letters. 


    Oprah Made Me Do It by Bradley Hayward

    Oprah. I hate that woman. She goes on TV, day after day, promising sanity to the wrong kind of people. She puts her stamp on a book and it’s suddenly an FDA approved drug. You two need help. Serious help. And not from a talk show host. Don’t you get it? Oprah’s not therapy. Really her show’s just a procession of whining celebrities and sniveling housewives. Misery loves company, right? Well if you want to watch it go right ahead. But what gets my goat is her disregard for the little people. Sure, she feeds starving children during sweeps week. But what about the cashiers of America? Where’s our donation? For five-fifty an hour, I can’t take this much longer.